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Keyboard commands not working
Symptoms: Many keyboard commands do not work. e.g. DELETE; TAB; ctr X; etc.   Solution: You can reset keyboard shortcuts by opening the customize dialog (Tools|Workspace|Customize) and hitting the default button in the options tab.   Alternatively you can reload your desired config (.cfg)...
Installing a Disk image or .DMG file
To install a application using a .DMG or Disk image file please review the following link on Apples website.http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1148#install
Creating a .PDF drawing file in TurboCAD Mac v7
To create a .PDF file go to file in the main menu and select print. Once the print is selected the print dialog box will open here select .PDF then select save as .PDF in the drop down.When creating a .PDF file, the drawing page size, scale and orientation to the paper size selected will need to be...
How to creating a custom print size within TurboCAD Mac v7
To customize a page size select File in the main menu and Page Setup in the drop down menu.With the page setup dialog box open go to paper size and select Manage Custom Sizes in the drop down menu.Define a new custom page size then select OK.
The Architectual Template (Video)